December Daily®️ 2016: The Reason Why and Day 1

Yesterday I jumped out of bed with an excitement I haven’t had in years: excitement for the Holiday season, excitement for twinkle lights, excitement for Christmas traditions, excitement for baking cookies, making crafts, and playing games.

I’m looking forward to this season with much anticipation for all of the events and fun things we have planned — but also to savor the quiet moments and really let myself slow down and be still.  Those moments are going to be much needed with all of the hustle and bustle this season brings.  And though it normally brings a fair amount of busyness all on its own, this season will be even busier with some event plans, travel plans, and all of the things my December calendar is already chocked full of.

I redid my cover page as well as added “The Reason Why” (free printable via Ali Edwards HERE).  I really want to be mindful this season, and I want my family to be mindful as well.  It’s so easy to get caught up in shopping for gifts, trying to match the abundance of past years.  But Christmas isn’t about that at all: and we need to remember to slow down and remember our why.

This season my reason why is about GOOD CHEER: bringing others good cheer through service, cultivating good cheer through time spent with family and friends, having good cheer by being grateful for everything that we already have — not wasting energy on wishing for more, more, more (speaking of more, I saw this great photo/excerpt from the most recent REI catalog that Casie shared in the December Daily®️ Facebook group):


I’m so thankful she shared this.  It’s spot on — and was a much needed reminder that happiness is a choice, one that we can choose every day.  And if we remember to take the time to reflect, give thanks, and focus on the things that truly bring us peace and joy, the constant craving for more, more, more will fade.

Hope you all are enjoying these first few days of December and making time to do things that bring you joy.

Happy December!  Love and hugs to you.







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