Happy Mail Monday vol. 5

Hi, friends!  Happy Monday!  How was your weekend (that didn’t really feel like a weekend, since we’re all losing track of our days and everything’s blending together…)?

Last week I ventured outside quite a bit, which was really refreshing and good for my mental health — and my little dog appreciated the extra walks and time spent together.  The fresh air did wonders for both of us.  Still, there were some days where motivation was impossibly hard to find — especially a couple of days last week that were very cold and rainy.

On those days, when I was lacking motivation to get outside, I spent some time in my craft room/office, coloring and filling out these amazing postcards from Rad and Happy — which is seriously one of my favorite small businesses on the face of the planet.  Tara is like sunshine in human form, and everything she designs emulates her warmth and fun and zest for life!




The designs of the postcards are so dang adorable and the sentiments are timely — I love them so much that I ordered another pack.  I can’t wait to send more to my friends and family that I’m missing so much.

I also spent some time making cards and envelopes from the Rad and Happy/Cricut collab — which is pretty much the cutest paper of all time.  It makes me smile every time I create something with it!


Anyway, friends — I’m going to make some more happy mail to send out this week while my load of laundry finishes in the dryer. #neverendinglaundry

Wherever you are, I hope you find joy in some sunshine and joy this week — especially if it comes via sending or receiving happy mail!  Have a great week!

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