Paper Crafting + Memory Keeping + Happy Mail + YouTube.

Recently, I’ve been binge-watching paper crafters and memory keepers on YouTube, who’ve been inspiring me to create, create, create (some of my favorites include: Ali Brown, Ali EdwardsAmy Tangerine, Filiz Loves PaperHGTV Handmade, Marybeth Hancher, Pop Fizz Paper, and Sabrina Ann).  I have to say — creating digital and paper prettiness has brought more happiness to my soul than anything has in a long, looooong time.

When I first started this blog 4 years ago (YOWZA does time fly!), I believed making food (especially sweet treats) to be my one and only creative outlet — and quite possibly the one thing I’m equally passionate about and good at.  Since then, I got a bit burnt out on baking.  I started this blog full-throttle, guns blazing, and posted a whole bunch of recipes — one right after the other, boom, boom, boom — and in doing so, creating recipes became forced (and less and less fun, rightfully so).

In reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up recently (and then rereading it and rereading it… have you read it?  It’ll BLOW. YOUR. MIND.) — I’ve been purging and organizing like a maniac, digging and sorting through old boxes from my childhood, my teen years, and my quite messy (but awesome) 20’s while doing so.

In going through these boxes, I’ve realized that I’ve had a deeply installed love for paper crafting and memory keeping since I was a kid — the same kind of love and appreciation I have for cooking and baking.  I’ve also rediscovered that I love creating and sending handmade cards, letters, and other fun things in the mail (and also, for creating and editing video letters for out-of-state friends and family).

So, I’ve been making some really fun paper crafting projects and filming my ideas (check my YouTube channel — and stay tuned for more!).

I was an avid journaler all through my youth and have been working on getting back into the habit.  Writing is so cathartic for me — and in the past few years, since this blog’s inception, my life has changed lightyears.  I’ve been prompted over and over again recently to start that journaling habit back up.  Documenting trials and triumphs is an incredibly powerful and inspiring thing (check out THIS VIDEO for an edifying message).

I’ve watched my step-kids grow and change SO much in the past few years.  I keep watching them grow, grow, grow… and grow some more  — and I’m just so thankful to have those extraordinary humans in my life.

Getting to help them learn and grow is one of my life’s greatest blessings.  I know a lot of days, parenting does not seem all that glorious.  It’s oftentimes thankless, humbling, and exhausting.  But gratefully, it’s also filled with moments of tenderness, love, and grace.  It’s certainly been a faith-building experience for me.  There are days where I call on God many, many times — both in thanks and in need.  And I’m oh so thankful to have this beautiful life that I can document.  I know I’ll look back and always be glad that I captured these little moments.  They really do add up.

Do you scrapbook, Project Life, document, journal …?  Have tips or tricks to share?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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