Happy Mail Monday vol. 4

Happy Monday, friends!  How are you?  I hope you’re doing well. 🧡

I don’t know about you, but I am missing my people!  I’m very thankful to be able to work from home and spend a lot of time with my husband and kids — and also, whip my house into the best shape it’s ever been in 😉 — but man, I miss hanging out with my girlfriends, seeing their faces in 3D, laughing over chips and guac, and giving them hugs.

I recently made a goal to send more happy mail during this crazy time, and there are quite a few amazing companies — big and small — who are being so generous with card giveaways.  Hallmark gave away 2 million FREE cards last month, and they’re giving away 2 million more this month!  Visit their website HERE, fill out the form, and get 3 free cards shipped to you.  Per usual, the quality and sentiments are wonderful and I’ve loved sending them out to friends and extended family.

A couple of weeks ago, I discovered A Smyth Co. through Jessica Turner‘s Instagram stories.  The hilarious captions, bright colors, and beautiful designs caught my attention immediately.  After signing up for FREE CARDS from A Smyth Co., I decided to purchase some additional card packs as well.  Their shipping is fast and their quality is great!  I love them so much and am planning on visiting their site again soon to purchase some more card packs.


I was contacted by Amy at A Smyth Co. about an Instagram story I’d posted about how cute her cards are, and she’s so dang kind!  I’m so thankful for her generosity (FREE cards, you guys!) and am amazed at her talent.  Amy, you’re a total rock star!

I dropped a few in the mailbox today, stamping the envelopes with this super cute stamp set from Pinkfresh Studio and sealing them with my favorite happy mail stickers from PupocoARTS’ Etsy shop.


I hope you all take a moment this week to send a card or note to someone you wish you could hug right now.  I know they’ll love to hear from you (and isn’t it just the best when you check your mail box and see something that isn’t a bill or junk?).

Have a great week! 🧡


  1. Stephanie,

    You are a rock star as well.

    Here’s are the reasons why:
    1. You like guacamole.
    2. You added llama stickers to the back of the cards.
    3. You are planning to buy more cards.

    Thank you for this generous review,

    Pack it up. Pack it in. Let the sending begin.

    Liked by 1 person

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