What We’re Eating vol. 1

Hi, friend!  How’re you doing?  What’re you eating during this shelter-in-place order?  I’m currently fluctuating between eating yummy, healthy meals and also doing some very unnecessary snacking.  I’m making homemade meals and also baking my feelings — as well as wanting to order carryout because meal planning and cooking seems exhausting.  Especially after you meal plan and cook 565762 days in a row. 😉

So, I wanted to give you a couple of awesome resources if you’re currently struggling with meal planning too.  First, this episode of The Lazy Genius podcast was a game changer.  I highly recommend her podcast in general, and the meal planning episode is an absolute gem.

Secondly, find cute meal planning supplies that you’ll want to use.  This Rad & Happy meal planning notepad (currently on sale for $5!) is my fave and it’s big (6×8).  I write out my dinner plans for the week on it and stick it on the fridge so the question, “What’s for dinner?” doesn’t get asked 75x a day.


Thirdly, I use the notes app on my iPhone to compose a running list of the meals my family is really loving right now.  This changes from time to time, so I’m working on a more extensive master list — but for now, this works really well.  I then pull menu items from the list, add them to the days of the week, and then can take inventory of what I’ve already got and grocery shop for only the items I need.


Another game changer that I’ll continue to utilize after the shelter-in-place is lifted: Instacart.  Lately, I’ve been avoiding the store and have been using Instacart to shop at Aldi and Strack & Van Til.  I pick out the items needed on the app, add them to my cart, and get the shopping done for me.  It’s delivered right to my door at a time I choose.  There is a fee and optional tip, but in my opinion, it’s well worth the cost.  I’m also a big fan of Walmart Grocery Pick Up and Target Drive Up.  Save yourself some time, friends.  It’s so worth it!

I hope this helps and I hope you plan some yummy meals to enjoy soon!

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