Happy Mail Monday vol. 10

Hi, friend. 💛

How are you?

Writing a blog post about happy mail right now feels irreverent, considering current events in the United States (I read this and this today and recommend them both) — but spreading hope and love with the written words is something that’s written so strongly on my heart — so, I’ll continue to write about and show you ways that I’m using happy mail to connect with my friends and family.

I opened an Etsy shop today and I named it after this blog post series, Happy Mail Monday.  If you’re looking to send more handmade cards to your loved ones, I have Happy Mail Kits and blank card packs that are made with so much love.




There are currently 3 kits and 2 blank card packs — but I’ll be continually adding kits and items, so keep an eye on my Instagram for updates.

I hope that you have a good week, friend.  I hope that you find peace and joy.  And I hope you send a message of love (hand-written or typed) to someone you care about.  If we need more of anything (especially right now), it’s love.



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