Happy Mail Monday vol. 15

Hi, friend!  Happy Monday! 💛

How are you?  How was your weekend?

Our weeks haven’t been particularly busy lately, but I still find myself emotionally exhausted on a regular basis (#reallife) — so, when my husband is home all day on the weekends, I take the opportunity to sleep in, reset, and enjoy a dinner not cooked by me (insert all of the praise hands emojis here).

Last week, I received the sweetest care package from a couple of my closest girlfriends.  My friend Jane is truly the queen of the care package — and we’ve been friends for so long now, she knows a countless number of my favorite things — my taste in jewelry, what books I’d like, my favorite candy, and even the nail polish color I’d been coveting for weeks.


One of my favorite parts of the care package though?  This card with one of the best sentiments in all the world:


It was filled with words of kindness, hope, sympathy and love.  Friendships like Jane and Jackie’s are seriously one of my life’s greatest blessings and I’m so, so thankful for their sweet, incredibly kind hearts.

I sent out some happy mail myself last week — namely, this masterpiece (*wink*) to my friend’s daughter who’d sent me a magnificent rainbow the week prior.


Giving life to Color Happy coloring sheets and using up my Rad Mail stash makes me so, so happy.  I hope she and I remain pen pals forever because the sweetness she sends me makes my heart swell with joy.

Anyway, friend — I hope this inspires you to send somebody a little sunshine in the mail this week.  You never know how much it means to someone on the receiving end of that much-needed boost of happiness.

Sending lots of love!  Be well! 💛

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