What We’re Eating vol. 9

Hi, friend!  How’s your week going? ๐Ÿ’›

Mine is going pretty good so far.  I got my grocery shopping done first thing yesterday morning and just ended up mentally meal planning for the rest of the week while I shopped (AKA saying, “this looks good” *puts item in cart* x 7).

I’m keeping things pretty simple this week, as it’s just my husband and I at home.  Most of the time, when it’s just the two of us, I have 0% motivation to cook or meal plan.  So, I got some things I can easily batch cook, save a portion of it for us to eat this week โ€” and then freeze the rest to enjoy at a later time.

Here’s what we’re eating this week:


Monday Leftovers (because #realtalk โ€” I napped after grocery shopping and running errands and then I needed to clean out the fridge after I Tetris-ed all of the new groceries into it)

Tuesday BBQ chicken sandwiches + fruit + Caesar salad (I used this recipe to make the BBQ in my Crockpot.  I doubled it and only used 1/4 of the brown sugar it called for and made a few spice improvisations because of what I had on hand โ€” it turned out so, so yummy!)

Wednesday Ribs + roasted veggies (I got some cooked ribs + brisket burnt ends that I’m going to warm up while I roast some carrots + asparagus in the oven)

Thursday Turkey meatballs with marinara + ravioli (I’ve been wanting to try out If The Cookie Fits’ turkey meatball recipe and am so excited to make them.  I think they freeze really well, so I’ll save some for later as well).  I’m going to pair them with my favorite marinara sauce and some cheese ravioli)

Friday Pulled pork and roasted veggies (I got some cooked pulled pork that I’m going to warm up while I roast some potatoes + carrots in the oven)

Saturday Chicken burgers + fruit (another If The Cookie Fits recommend โ€” excited to try these.  Going to serve them with a side of fruit + a salad)

Sunday Taco salads (going chop up some butter lettuce, make this recipe with ground turkey instead of beef โ€” and serve it with this Mexican style street corn, shredded cheese, salsa, sour cream, and guacamole)

This week, we’re snacking on pretzel chips with roasted red pepper hummus (one of our fave snack combos), fresh blueberries, lots of grapes, and some bread I made from the fresh zucchini I picked up at the Farmer’s Market (I used this recipe).

Hope this inspires you to batch cook, meal prep, and make this week a good one with a little planning and some yummy things you are excited to eat.

Stay safe and be well, friend. ๐Ÿ’›


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