What We’re Eating vol. 8

Hi, friend! 💛 How’s your week going so far?

I decided to keep meal planning pretty simple this week — I asked my husband and each of my kids, “what’s something you’d like for dinner this week?” and they each responded with some staples, so back to basics it is!

I didn’t have to do a full grocery run, since I did a big trip to three stores last week, but I did place a small Instacart order on Monday morning to pick up a few things that we were running low on or out of.

Here’s what we’re eating this week:


Monday Hot dogs + chips (this was actually my husband’s request — it took about 8 minutes to prepare and made me go, “I need to make easy dinners like this more often!”)

Tuesday Salisbury Steak + mashed potatoes + veggies (this is my middle child’s fave meal and I make it often!  Also — these are our family’s favorite mashed potatoes.)

Wednesday Pineapple Chicken + rice

Thursday Stephanie Pasta with chicken + salad (Steph pasta is another super simple recipe — my kids call it that because it was one of my “special” meals that I introduced them to years ago when their Dad and I got married.  My recipe is pretty identical to this one, but I use rigatoni instead of ziti, plus I add some grilled chicken for a protein boost.  This week I’m serving it up with a simple garden salad because we need some more greens in our life. #toomanycarbs)

Friday Pizza Delivery (I tried this Pizza Pocket recipe last week — my husband and I thought they were delicious but our kids thought they were “meh,” so I’ll just order pizza this week.)

Saturday Balsamic Chicken + oven roasted potatoes + veggies (Balsamic Chicken is just frozen chicken tenderloins that are simmered in balsamic dressing until they’re cooked through — Paul Newman’s Balsamic dressing is my absolute favorite.  I roast some potatoes and veggies in the oven while the chicken cooks.  Easy + yummy!)

Sunday Leftovers

I hope this inspires you to try a new recipe + make something yummy!  Have a great week, friend! 💛

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